Convicted child killer gets a free Wii for his troubles?

Notorious British child murderer Ian Huntley is reported by The People to have been given a Wii to stop him going through with suicide threats, and warders have been ordered to play with him. According to the report, he was first given a GameCube but complained it was out of date, so the prison upgraded his system. How nice for him.

Huntley is one of Britain’s most detested figures after he was found guilty of murdering two schoolgirls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, in 2003. He has tried to commit suicide three times, and apparently Franklin Prison is so desperate to keep him from succeeding, they’re prepared to do whatever he wants to keep him happy. 

“Huntley has been asking for a Wii for months,” states a prison source. “When he moved to Frankland in February he was given a Nintendo GameCube — but after only a few weeks he began complaining it was out of date. Management are desperate to stop him going though with threats he’s made to kill himself and by giving him a Wii they believe they can take his mind away from harming himself in any way.”

The People is a publication that enjoys its celebrity scandal, but with the way Britain’s prisons are run, I wouldn’t be shocked if this turns out to be true. According to the article, Huntley gets his own TV and CD player while warders are instructed to pamper him. If true, this is pretty disgusting stuff all round, yet sadly … not shocking at all.

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