Contra-like boss battler Mechstermination Force is coming to PC

May 22

Indie developer Bertil Hörberg has been on a roll.

Not only did they create the lovely Gunman Clive series, but they also recently branched into a more modern affair with the Contra-like Mechstermination Force. The premise is delightfully simple: it’s a boss battle gauntlet of subsequently more silly mechs. Like the type of mechs that blow up into smaller mechs.

Previously a Switch exclusive, Mechstermination Force is nearly ready to pounce on the PC platform in just a little over a week. The new Steam listing has confirmed a May 22 release date, with PS4 arriving on the same day and Xbox One coming at some point. Although Hörberg is mostly a one-person outfit, Flyhigh Works is handling the publishing duties on PC. No price was listed, but it’s currently $11.99 on Switch, and totally worth it if you have a co-op partner handy.

Mechstermination Force [Steam]

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