Contra enters the real world on its 30th anniversary

Shoulda never dropped that Spread gun

Contra (or Probotector, depending on what part of the world you hail from) was one of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s most iconic games, one that strongly resonates with people who grew up with it even today. The series just celebrated its 30th anniversary, as the arcade version began appearing in arcades in late February, 1987. The home version was one of very few early NES games to offer simultaneous two-player mode, which is likely the biggest contributing factor to the regard old folks like myself have for the title.

As much as I love Contra, my affection pales in comparison to a fellow who calls himself Captain Steve V1. He put together a fantastic tribute to Contra using nothing but some Nerf guns, some digital effects, and a whole bunch of free time. The video went viral on FaceBook, but some kind soul has uploaded a version to YouTube, and you can check it out below.

While the effects are somewhat low-fidelity, the video nails the sounds and feel of Contra. The attention to detail is exceptional: the hero even gets stunned by the electric fields when he’s too eager to progress through the tunnel sequence in stage two. There’s also a great sequence near the end that will be all too familiar to anyone who was ever disappointed by picking up the Laser weapon.

The video closes with a bit of behind-the-scenes footage showing what it looks like without the special effects. I wouldn’t mind seeing another video like this, maybe incorporating some of Contra‘s weird aliens and other setpieces like the waterfall and exploding bridge. Here’s hoping the creator feels inspired to make a sequel. Lord knows there won’t be any games in the near future.

Contra video [FaceBook]

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