Contest winners: The Wheelman tight-shirt contest

Choosing the winner of our The Wheelman contest was difficult for a few reasons. For one, looking at pictures of you guys wearing tight t-shirts (some of you in underwear) may have scarred us for life. But most importantly, all of the entries were pretty amazing. We applaud the lack of shame when it comes to trying to win a videogame.

It was tough, and we nearly considered canceling the contest and selling the games for cash towards our gym memberships, but… we had to act. And the winners are: 

t3chn1k4l, qraze, and funran… will get PlayStation 3 versions of The Wheelman

psychopathic and de BLOO… will get Xbox 360 versions of The Wheelman

Thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to the winners; you’ll be receiving emails requesting your addresses shortly. For those who didn’t win, won’t worry — there will be plenty of other opportunities to expose yourself on the Internet in the future.

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