Contest winner is going on a BIT.TRIP!

Remember how earlier this week I announced that Gaijin Games was so kind as to offer a pretty damn amazing series of prizes to hand out to a lucky community member? You know what I’m talking about, four high quality prints of the teaser images for BIT.TRIP Void, an “I am only a man” t-shirt, some awesome CommanderVideo papercraft, as well as a code for for a free download of the brand new BIT.TRIP Void OST?

Well, if you only just found out, it’s too late now, as we have done a perfectly random drawing, and the winner is…drumroll please….bobyoko! Congratulations on winning this rather awesome prize that defines, like I said before, nerd chic. Send us a message, and we’ll get you your prize ASAP.

For everyone else disappointed, we’ve got plenty more contests coming down the line, and you’ll certainly want to do yourself the favor by checking out other concurrent contests, like winning a PlayStation 3 Slim in our Kia contest and a netbook plus iPods in our Audition contest.

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