Contest: Win this limited edition Pokemon shirt

Remember this ridiculously awesome Pokemon shirt that Teextile was selling a couple of months back? Well, lucky for all of you, Teextile still has a few of these limited edition shirts remaining in their possession and they want to give them away to you!

To win one of these shirts, I want to see you draw your own battle animal like the ones on in the design. So for example, here’s a giraffe with a missile silo that also has barracudas for legs that I drew. I call him Wariffe. Your drawing doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be a quick, hand-drawn image that needs to just get the point across. You can also leave a comment with your custom Pokemon idea, but you have a much better chance at winning a shirt by drawing something up.

The contest will run until 11:00PM tomorrow and is only open to US Residents. The five best entries will win one of these T-shirts. Have at it!

[By the way: Today is the day to pick up the Piranha Still Life shirt at a discount!]

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