Contest: Win The Midnight Sanctuary

Spooktober’s back, baby!

This contest is a spooky one — enter to win The Midnight Sanctuary for Steam, PS4, or Switch.

It’s October, which means I get to bask in all the spooky glory of the season. Sometimes it’s movies, and sometimes it’s short stories — but today, it’s weird video games from Japan!

We’ve got 18 copies of The Midnight Sanctuary to give out so you can get your creepy visual novel fix!

The Midnight Sanctuary is a visual graphic novel from developer CAVYHOUSE, purveyor of interactive novels. Players will explore the small village of Daiusu, long secluded from the rest of Japan. In order to bolster tourism, local authorities decide to build a large cathedral to honor local martyr The Saint, a figure the locals revere for her patronage and ideals.

As famous historian Hamomuro Tachibana surveys the town to learn its past and help usher in its future, reality begins to fall apart around her. People disappear, reappear, and twist themselves in half right before her eyes as insanity begins to take hold of the situation. With a striking stained-glass visual style that mixes 2D and 3D images, you’ll experience the horrifying events right along with Hamomuro as you discover the true nature of Daiusu.

This sounds so “Weird Shit from Japan,” which is exactly why I’m presenting it to you guys today.

To enter for your chance to win, tell us where your midnight sanctuary is located. Mine is definitely the cabinet where we keep our potato chips. I sneak downstairs while my wife is sleeping, open the bag as silently as humanly possible, and nibble away at the crisps while trying to deafen the crunches with my cheek. I pray almost nightly at my sanctuary.

We have six each Steam, PS4, and Switch keys to give out. PS4 and Switch keys are for North American accounts only. Our winners will be drawn on Monday, October 8. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. If I can’t email you, I can’t send you weird shit from Japan.

The Midnight Sanctuary is available now on Steam, PS4, and Switch. For more chances to win, head over to PC Invasion, PlayStation Enthusiast, and Nintendo Enthusiast.

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