Contest: Win Pumpkin Jack for Switch, Steam, or Xbox One

The snack attack is back, Jack

In today’s contest you can win Halloweeny action game Pumpkin Jack for Switch, Steam, or Xbox One!

You know what really sucks? Nobody makes seasonal 3D mascot action-platformers anymore! They used to be a dime a dozen, but then every game needed to sell eight million copies or it was deemed a disappointment, so now nobody makes them anymore. Thank God Pumpkin Jack exists!

Win a copy for Switch, Steam, or Xbox One and celebrate Halloween with a nice retro mascot platformer.

The presser I got for this one called it MediEvil meets Jak & Daxter, so like, duh! The aesthetic alone sold it, but that’s just icing on the cake right there. So you’re Jack, and it’s up to you to go through six Halloweeny worlds to track down a wizard trying to make good with humanity. We can’t have that! Fight, jump, dodge, and platform your way through, completing minigames and fighting bosses as you enjoy this awesome mascot action game.

And you just know I’m getting a copy for myself. Devs, please make more PS2-styled games.

To enter to win your copy, comment below telling us your platform of choice, and a holiday/event around which you’d like to see a mascot platforming game like this. Clearly Halloween is taken, but surely there’s something interesting to be had with Arbor Day? (Whatever the hell that is.)

We have two copies each for Switch (NA), Steam, and Xbox One; winners will be drawn next Thursday, just before Halloween! Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. If you’re new, sign up here to join in on the fun!

Pumpkin Jack is available now for Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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