Contest: Win Portal 2 for Steam!

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[Update: Winner is DaedHead8! Congrats! Thanks again to BeerayEcho! YOU RULE!]

So Dtoider BeerayEcho sent us an email yesterday letting us know he had an extra copy of Portal 2 for Steam and wanted to gift it to anyone on the Destructoid staff. We talked it over and got BeerayEcho’s blessing to give the game away to someone in the Destructoid community instead!

We’re giving away Portal 2 and we’re going to keep the theme of giving to others going with this giveaway. You can’t actually enter, not directly anyway. Instead, we want you to tell us who we should give it to in the Destructoid community that has a front page or forum account and why too.

Contest open to everyone and you have until this Sunday at 11:59PM to suggest someone else to win the prize! If we catch anyone cheating by using two or more accounts, then you will be banned! We will be checking IPs and in fact, any account created after June 1, 2011 won’t be able to win. One entry per person. Now go go go! And don’t forget to thank BeerayEcho, everyone!

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