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You can never have too many contests: Enter today’s for your chance to win a monitor mount from Jestik.

Did you miss out the last time we gave away accessories for your gaming rig? Well, fear not my friends. The kind folks over at Jestik have swooped in to the rescue to offer you another chance at enhancing your PC setup with their awesome line of monitor mounts.

So come on in and win yourself one of three Jestik monitor mounts!

Jestik is a gaming accessories company made by gamers. Don’t believe me? Their owner, Chris, reached out to me personally to share his story. Having craned his neck for years playing Quake 3, he knew there was a better way to set up his rig in order to have long and comfortable gaming sessions. So he came up with the Jestik Horizon, their signature triple monitor mount to help gamers everywhere by providing quality (and not to mention useful) solutions to their gaming needs.

A direct quote from Chris: “It kicks ass no doubt!” That’s all I needed.

Jestik wants to prove to Destructoid that their product is worthy of such a bold claim by providing you an opportunity to win one of three of their gaming-optimized monitor mounts, including:

  • Jestik Advanced Flex 1.0 Single Monitor Arm Clamp – Mount your monitor, and save desk space. The Jestik JM-GA112C is a single monitor arm packed with multiple features geared for heavy use. With its gas spring counterbalance system, you can lift any monitor as heavy as 17.6 lbs and as large as 32″. Moreover, it sports an integrated cable management system, quick VESA installation capabilities, and a wide range of tilt, swivel, and rotational angles to flexibly position your monitor. Better yet, you can now comfortably work on your desk for a long time without incurring stiff necks or backaches.
  • Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 Dual Monitor Arm Clamp – The Jestik Advanced Flex 2.0 is one exceptionally strong dual monitor arm. Thanks to its hybrid material construction and gas spring mechanism, it can support up to two monitors, each as heavy as 17.6 lbs and as large as 32″. As this arm effortlessly lift both monitors, you don’t have to worry about properly supporting a heavy dual monitor setup. Moreover, this Jestik arm is good not only for flat monitors but also for curved ones. And with a cable management system in place, you can tuck away those wires and cables so they won’t get in the way.
  • Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand – What can I say finally, a triple monitor mount that has everything you need. Built to solidly and securely support up to three 15″ to 27″ Monitors (max load: 17.6 lbs per mount), the Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount has fully customizable features that will allow you to adjust your view however you prefer it – you can tilt, swivel, rotate and switch from landscape to portrait quickly and easily. Great additional features include an effective cable management system to organize unsightly wires and an anti-theft kit to protect your monitors.

Now you can kick some ass, too!

We have one unit of each model to give away. To enter to win, comment below telling us which model you’d like to win and how it’s going to help you kick some ass when using it. Any one of them would help me since I’m a console pleb and had to hang my computer monitor on my wall like an old painting my dead grandma made me swear to keep. I don’t know what the hell her problem was, but she had a lot of paintings of creepy dolls. At least with a proper monitor mount I’ll finally be able to clear up some wall space for some more creepy dolls.

These are physical prizes, and as such, you must have a United States shipping address to win. Winners will be drawn on Monday, November 19. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. If I can’t email you, I can’t free up space on your wall for creepy doll paintings.

Jestik has a whole range of superior computer and gaming accessories over at their website. Give ’em a look.

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