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In today’s contest you can win a Steam copy of Knight Club +!

Let’s hop straight into this one: Knight Club + hit Steam a few weeks ago, improving upon the original game with new mechanics, levels, characters, and balance changes. With great power comes great giveaways! Grab your Members Only jacket and join the competitive multiplayer title Knight Club!

Extree extree, read all about it!

KNIGHT CLUB + Is a casual 2-4 player action platform-fighting game that brings traditional fighting game elements into an unlocked, free form movement playstyle. Equip your favorite armaments and do battle against your friends locally or online!

  • New Character Traits! The biggest addition to Knight Club + is the inclusion of Character Traits. Each character has a special ability that makes them unique from the rest of the cast. Be that a damage bonus when low on life, double jump, or defense buffs, all 14 characters are unique.
  • 5 New Characters! Brand new characters join the fight. Acorn, Pach, Chipp, Pothead, and Slump are ready to destroy their opponents in glorious combat.
  • New Stage Art! We gave our artwork a facelift in this new version. Check out the comparison shots in the trailer!
  • New Dynamic Camera! The action gets turned up to 11 with the new dynamic camera that pans and zooms along with the fight.
  • Improved Netplay Features! Knight Club + makes use of Steam for netplay which allows for a lobby browser, and matches with Steam friends. The game also makes use of Steam’s Remote Play Together.
  • Designed for competitive play! Although Knight Club + is a casual game at heart, that anyone can pick up and enjoy, there is a slew of classic fighting game mechanics under the surface.

If I had a dollar for every exclamation point used in this post, I’d be a rich man!

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. Click around for bonus entries, and be sure to hit up PC Invasion to double your odds.

We have 15 Steam copies to give away; winners will be drawn Friday, November 20.

Knight Club + is available now for Steam.

Dtoid Contest: Win Knight Club + for Steam

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