Roniu's Tale Mega Cat Studios NES cartridge contest

Contest: Win this deluxe NES cart for Roniu’s Tale from our friends at Mega Cat Studios

In today’s contest you can win a fully-functional deluxe NES cartridge for Roniu’s Tale, fresh from Mega Cat Studios!

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I promised my wife and newborn baby I’d given up the contest game. We were living in a remote chateau in the wilds of Alaska, free from the perils of contesting. But I got a call from my mentor, Professor Charles Meowxavier, alerting me of a new threat and pulling me back into the game. I longed for adventure. My heart couldn’t escape it. I made the decision to leave my sunkissed doppelganger-for-my-former-lover wife and weird baby to do the only thing I loved: Giving away free shit.

This is either exactly what happened or a Cyclops story arc, but I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter which is true because hey, I’m giving away free stuff! Mega Cat Studios gave us a copy of their newest retro puzzle game, Roniu’s Tale. It also just happens to be a deluxe physical NES cartridge that really works and lights up and everything. It’s super cool, really rare, and can be yours if my optic blasts choose your name!

So, what’s up with Roniu’s Tale? Here’s a description of the game.

Polish those magic and thinking skills, because there’s no turning back! Help Roniu find his way through a death-defying dungeon and take down a plague of enemies hellbent on keeping him there. Watch your step, you’re no longer on stable ground!

Roniu’s Tale is a top down puzzler with action elements. While levels are designed to have one or more path, each step Roniu takes will cause the tiles to break as he passes. Using magic and a little thought, it’s up to you to help Roniu locate the orbs and keys he needs to find his way out.

  • 43 Levels of Dangerous Pathways
  • Head Scratching Puzzles
  • A Whirlwind of Enemies and Epic Bosses
  • Limbo, Lava, Jungle & Cross-dimensional Pixel-Immersive Mechanics
  • Intuitive & Precise Controls

If you’re too lazy to read all of that above, here’s what Mega Cat CEO head honcho man said about the game:

Hmm…Puzzle your brains out, 40+ dungeons from limbo, lava,  ungle and cross dimensional time travel to plain old stoney boys.

Not sure why he’s in the gaming biz and not Poet Laureate, but you do you, Jimbo. Also, here’s a rap.

How To Win

So, what are we giving away here? Why, that super deluxe NES cartridge you see in the header! It fits into your NES and plays just like Nintendo would have intended (RIP), and it even glows! You know what to do — there’s a widget below, and just enter your name and email address. Do the extra stuff for bonus entries. Or not. I can’t control your mind.

We have one – ONE – cartridge to give away. We’ll draw our winner next week. As this is a physical prize, you must have a United States address in order to win.

Roniu’s Tale has a few days left on KickStarter, and as of writing is just over $1,000 away from getting a Switch port. I know y’all love your Switch games, so get to donatin’!

Contest: Win this deluxe NES cart for Roniu’s Tale from our friends at Mega Cat Studios

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