Contest: Win a Switch copy of Fishing Star World Tour

Gone fishin’

Reel in the wins with today’s contest for a Switch copy of Fishing Star World Tour.

They don’t make a ton of fishing games anymore, do they? There are a few, but man I remember seeing them everywhere as a kid. This is probably just nostalgia tinting things, but still, seems like there are far fewer than in the PSone days.

Well, we’ve got some copies of a fishing game, Fishing Star World Tour, to give out. Come win one!

I don’t feel the need to say a lot about this one. You just go fishin’! The game features over 180 different fish, over 70 pieces of fishing gear, 40 different locations, and even Labo support! I had forgotten Labo existed until this trailer, so if nothing else they’ve jogged my lapsing memory. There’s even something called a “Fish Book” where your records are kept. Sounds to me like a Pokedex, but for normal fish. Sounds good to me.

I do want to focus on the trailer for a minute, here. Has anyone on Earth ever played a video game like that with their family? I mean, seriously, everyone reading this is presumably a gamer (because why would you be here otherwise), so I must ask: Has your family ever crowded on a couch and got really into you playing a game like this? Once my step dad walked in on me playing Syphon Filter as I was tazing a dude in the groin. That was the longest interaction we’d ever had over a video game.

Anyway, play this fishing game!

To enter to win, tell us your region (NA/EU) and if you’ve ever even come close to having this much fun as a family in front of a video game. A simple yes or no works, of course, but I’d like to hear some stories. These contests are way more fun when I have 100 different stories to read! (And I actually do read them all, believe it or not!)

We have three NA keys and one EU key to give away. Winners will be drawn on Friday, February 15. Make sure to comment using your Dtoid account, and that you’re all up to date with your email address in your profile. New users can sign up here — get in on the Spirit of Dtoid! Just be sure to wipe if off afterward.

Fishing Star World Tour is available now on the Switch eShop.

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