Contest: Win a Switch controller and headset bundle, courtesy of Gioteck

Feel and hear, all at once

In today’s contest you can win a Switch Gioteck bundle featuring the JC-20 Cubes Joy-Con Controller and a HC2 Decal Edition Stereo Gaming Headset!

Destructoid is known for giving away tons of free stuff, because we love our community. Gioteck is know for great gaming products, because they love our community. So we decided to make love to the community together by giving some stuff away!

We’ve got a bundle featuring a Gioteck Switch JC-20 Cubes Joy-Con Controller and HC2 Decal Edition Stereo Gaming Headset to give away so you can play your Switch in style.

Gioteck JC-20 Cubes Controllers contest Switch

The Gioteck JC-20 Cubes Joy-Con Controller outfits your Switch in colorful fashion, providing both an attractive finish and full Joy-Con functionality.

  • Wireless bluetooth connectivity
  • Motion and vibration support
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Includes gamepad adapter and 1 metre dual charging cable

Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition Stereo Gaming Headset contest Switch

If you’re all about matching, you’ll love the Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition Stereo Gaming Headset. With not only a matching decal to the Cubes Joy-Con, but two additional decals to customize your set, you’ll enjoy the easy plug-in-and-play headset on any device with a 3.5mm jack.

  • Plug & play on your favourite console, mobile device or PC
  • Adjustable headband
  • Lag free audio
  • Removable mic
  • Crystal clear chat
  • Extreme comfort
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Discreet inline volume and mute controls

Use the widget below to leave your name and address to enter to win. Make sure to enter daily, and click around in there to add bonus entries to increase your odds.

We have one bundle to give away; winners will be drawn Friday, August 14. Since Gioteck is shipping, anyone can enter — that means anyone outside the US can win! Isn’t this a wonderful day?

You can check out the JC-20 and HC2, and tons of other awesome gamin accessories, over at the Gioteck website.

Contest: Win a Switch controller and headset bundle, courtesy of Gioteck

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