Contest: Win a Steam Early Access copy of Havocado

I still don’t know what a Havocado is

Get in on the zany action in today’s contest for a Steam copy of Havocado!

I’ll stop giving away weird games when I stop being interested in weird games. I have a problem, after all. So what better way to fix that problem than to exacerbate it?

You’ll remember this one from my very first Getting Weird with Wes feature. Now you can get your hands on strange party game Havocado and give it a spin for yourself!

There is scant little information on Havocado — I think that’s because it speaks for itself. We’re looking at a four-player arena party game where the physics are weird, and the weapons are weirder. You’ll flop your amorphous blob of a character all over the arena, picking up guns and sticks to shoot and whack your opponents. But, what’s this?! Sharks eating you, and cars running you over, and giant squid slapping you around while you do it?! Yes. Oh, yes.

Also, there are vehicles, but why shoot your opponents point-blank with a tank when you can all writhe in confusing ecstacy in front of a couple of giant aquatic creatures? I’m both confused and ecstatic, so that’s how you know it works. Thanks, Havocado!

Havocado Steam contest Early Access

Also I’m using this photo again. Not that it turns me on or anything. Just because I like it. That’s all.

To enter to win, tell us what the hell a havocado is. I really have no clue, so it’s up to you to solve the infernal mystery which has plagued humanity for centuries. Or a couple of weeks since it was announced. Either way.

We have five Steam Early Access keys to give away. Winners will be drawn on May 17. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New users can sign up here to define this strange, perplexing concept!

Havocado is an Early Access title you can play now. Check out PC Invasion for more chances to win a key!

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