Contest: Win a Dtoid themed Xbox 360 Calibur11 Vault case

[Update: Contest over! First place winner is thejesusninja26 for his Fallout mod and second place goes to AlanWake for the white design! The runner-up prize goes to Ktmack23 for the Mario case. Thanks to all that entered.]

Calibur11 Vault cases are the leading cases in the videogame market. Unlike the cases you’re used to where you actually have to rip apart your console to add the new skin, Calibur11 Vault cases simply attach to the outside of your Xbox 360 Slim to provide a spiffy new look. The cases will raise your console to provide better cooling support too. The basic Vault cases from Calibur11 even come with a little controller dock where you can rest a controller!

The good folks at Calibur11 Vault actually made a couple of special Destructoid themed Vault cases and we’re giving them away to you. Up for grabs is a Nuclear Green and Villian Black Vault case which run for $59.99 normally. We’ll also be giving away the Vampire Red case which doesn’t have the Dtoid logo to a runner-up.

If you check out the Calibur11 website, you’ll see that they’re also selling a special MLG themed case and a really badass Gears of War 3 case. In order to enter this contest, we want you to design your dream case. You can use any drawing medium you want (through the computer or in real life) to submit your design in the comments below.

You have until July 19 at 11:59PM CST to enter and one entry per person only. We’ll be choosing the top two designs plus one runner-up and contest entrants must have an address in the USA that the prizes can be shipped to. Good luck!

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