Contest: Win a custom Shift gamepad from Evil Controllers

PS4 and Xbox One up for grabs!

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Today’s contest features a custom PS4 or Xbox One Shift controller from Evil Controllers!

Hey gang, it’s time for a controller giveaway! These are great because not only do you get a new controller, but you also get an actual, physical prize in the mail! When’s the last time you got something in the post that wasn’t a bill, appointment reminder, or telegram from your uncle who fought in the Civil War? I bet it’s been a while.

For this one, our friends over at Evil Controllers want us to introduce you guys to their Shift gamepad by giving one away. Did I say one? I meant two. We’ve got an Xbox One and PS4 controller up for grabs that you get to customize, yourself. How’s that for a contest?

Evil Shift Xbox One PS4 controller contest

So, if you know Evil you know they make a ton of kick-ass, high-quality, fully-customizable controllers for both pro and hardcore players. If you don’t know them, well you do now! They’re putting their money where their mouth is and giving you the chance to win one of their Shift controllers just for being a Dtoid reader. Here’s some info on them.

Evil Shift features

  • The Evil Shift eSports design integrates four extra inputs that give thumb-stick control for performance play
  • Remap any input on the controller to any Evil Shift
  • Takes under three seconds to remap – no tools required
  • Save 15 custom profile layouts
  • Hairpin triggers: Fire Faster with 50% reduction in tension; full range of motion for 100% game compatibility
  • Sensitive buttons: Press inputs over 66% faster than a standard button. Button travels only 0.3 mm before initiating command
  • The Master Mod: Enhances controllers software to mod gameplay (not tournament legal)
  • Featuring mods like Adjustable Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Tactical Rapid Fire, Auto-Aim, Auto-Run, Fast Reload, Auto-Scope, Auto-Spot and more
  • Compatible with series like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Destiny, GTA, Gears of War, Borderlands and more
  • Fortnight specifically: Build instantly, Hotkey Weapons and maintain 100% thumb-stick control

And remember how I said they were customizable? Check out the customization features available:

  • Add a custom image or tagline to the controller (just upload to the site while ordering)
  • 32 faceplate choices
  • Choose shift paddles, shift buttons or no shift enhancements plus a choice of 7 tactile grip materials
  • 3 remapping options
  • Choose thumbstick size: 11mm, 15.37mm or 17.87mm (for reference, standard OEM thumbsticks are 10mm
  • Proprietary Convex design is engineered to increase aim by reducing over correction
  • Choose from 9 thumbstick colors
  • 10 color choices for ABXY buttons
  • 10 color choices for D-Pad
  • Six LED color choices

That’s right — our winners have full access to the customization features of the controller, so you can make this bad boy totally yours. I told you this was a good one!

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address, and tell us which platform you’d like to win. You can enter daily. For bonus entries, follow Dtoid and Evil Controllers on Twitter, and share our contest post with your friends.

In the meantime, pontificate on something for me — why are these controllers so evil? They look pretty nice to me, but I guess that’s how evil gets ya, huh?

We have one PS4 and one Xbox One controller to give away; you must have a United States shipping address in order to win. Winners will be drawn Monday, November 11.

You can check out the Shift and all their other awesome accessories over at the Evil Controllers website.

Contest: Win a custom Shift gamepad from Evil Controllers

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