Contest: Win a copy of Super Rare Games’ physical edition of Human: Fall Flat for Switch!

‘Fall Flat’ is my middle name

[Contest ends tomorrow – get your entries in now!]

Do you guys like winning super rare physical editions of previously digital-only releases for brand new consoles that everyone can’t stop talking about? So do I!

Good news, then – our friends over at Super Rare Games have given us three copies of the just-released Human: Fall Flat for Nintendo Switch to give away to the beautiful people of Destructoid!

Super Rare Games is a company that turns digital releases into physical releases on a rather limited basis. It’s a cool concept, since I’m the kind of person who greatly prefers having a box sitting on my shelf for games I own, rather than having them stuck in the nethers of Computer World for me to never longingly look at while I do things other than play video games. Their first release – available today! – is quirky experimental platformer Human: Fall Flat. In his initial review, our once and future king Zack Furniss gave the game an 8, praising it for its quirkiness and wacky charm. Zack himself is an 8 (on the worst of days), so you can trust him on this.

The three physical copies up for grabs are the game-only edition, but do come with the limited edition trading cards – a signature of Super Rare Games’ business model. In order to enter the contest, all you have to do is comment below with a humorous time you, an awkward human, yourself fell flat! I was working with a buddy once and was trying to flatten down some broken-down boxes outside of his work area, when the top one slipped off of the pile, sending me flying backwards onto my back in the middle of the street. I wasn’t hurt (I don’t know if you can damage my brain any more than I already have) but the whole thing was caught on security footage at the facility, which I’m sure gave someone quite a laugh.

So, get your stories in below! We can only ship to the United States, so make sure you’ve got a US address if you plan on entering. And also make sure you have access to the email account tied to your Disqus account, as that’s how I’ll be contacting winners on Tuesday, March 13 when the contest ends.

Good luck, and happy falling, folks!

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