Contest: Win a copy of Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands to celebrate its new Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night crossover

So many crossovers, it hurts

In today’s contest you can win a copy of Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or PC!

Crossovers are all the rage these days! Marvel has been doing its thing to great success at the box office, RoboCop just hit Mortal Kombat for no apparent reason, and now Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is getting in on the fun by invading the world of Kingdom Two Crowns.

So, get involved with crossover mania and win a copy of Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or PC!

Kingdom Two Crowns is a unique tactical game where you, a monarch of a budding empire, must build your kingdom up from nothing. Gather resources and gold, build up buildings and strongholds, and research new technologies and war tactics to invade and prevent invasion. For the first time in the series, players can play a full campaign both solo or in co-op, invigorating the franchise and adding new strategy to ruling over an empire.

New to the game is the Dead Lands content, a crossover event featuring characters and lore from IGA’s love letter to the metroidvania genre, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Read more about it below!

Dead Lands: Enter the dark lands of Kingdom. Play as unique monarchs, including the Shardbinder Miriam, with powerful traits from the gothic horror action-RPG Bloodstained. Ride the gigantic beetle steed to lay out traps, the eerie undead mount that summons barriers impeding the progress of the Greed, and from Bloodstained the mythic demon horse Gamigin with its powerful charge attack. Building your Kingdom has never been more frightening!

To enter to win your copy, comment below telling us your platform of choice, and what crossover you’d like to see in gaming. Since Ash isn’t yet in MK and I’m fuming, I’d love to see Katamari invade the world of Madden. I just imagine garishly dressed football players all prancing around one another with that wonderful soundtrack. I don’t think anyone would ever get anything done in the game, but it’d be a hell of a scene!

We have five keys each for PS4 NA, Steam, and Xbox One, with another three Switch NA keys to give away. Winners will be drawn Tuesday, May 12. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. If you’re new to the site, sign up here to tell us about your crossover fantasy.

Kingdom Two Crowns is available to purchase now.

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