Contest: Win a copy of Halo Uprising (Update)

Halo: ODST’s Firefight mode is all about working as a team. When it comes to team based stuff though, you’ll sometimes get stuck with someone who sucks and will hold your team back. What if you had a choice though? What if you could pick anyone else to be on your team?

For this contest, I want you all to show me what three characters you would bring with you into a Firefight match. Take an image from Halo 3 and simply Photoshop in the three characters you would want. It can be a super hero, characters from another game, the Dtoid staff, the Care Bears — whatever. The choice is yours.

We’ll be judging on how good the Photoshop is and/or how funny the image turns out. So no quick/lazy Photoshops! The best image will win a copy of Halo Uprising. You have until July 2 to submit an entry in the comments below.  

[Update: Just a reminder that the contest ends this Thursday! Hurry up and get your entries in the comments below! — CTZ]

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