Contest: Win a copy of co-op puzzler Biped for PS4 or Steam

Solve those puzzles!

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In today’s contest you can win a PS4 or Steam copy of co-op puzzle game Biped!

Here’s a fun little one for everyone! Biped is a cute robotic puzzle game where you must maneuver your little robo-friends across various obstacles, all in the name of saving the planet! It’s super adorbs, and something I’m definitely gonna give a shot with my wife.

You can win your own PS4 or Steam copy, right here in today’s Super Fun Contest of Joy and Splendor!

Get the full scoop below!

Biped is a friendly physics-based journey where players control their cute robot protagonists, Aku and Sila, as they go on a quest to keep the Earth from going dark. The players will navigate by controlling the robot’s legs with Biped’s elegant and unique controls. They can walk, slide, and operate puzzles by moving their robot’s legs individually. Teamwork will be essential to progress as you coordinate to explore the world, avoid traps, and even fling your friend to scale walls!

  • Innovative and simple controls. You control the robot’s two legs using two sticks or left and right mouse buttons. This allows you to perform various moves — from simple walking and sliding to more advanced actions, like operating machinery or cutting wood.
  • Two-player co-op. Enjoy the adventure solo or grab a friend or a family member and have a blast together in co-op mode. Communicate and coordinate to conquer challenges together and find out how good a pair you truly are.
  • Explore fun environments. Your adventure will take you to many beautiful and mysterious locations on the planet. Explore secrets in forests, valleys, waterfalls, and icy mountains and find your way through the puzzling paths that lead to the planetary beacons.

This has a very The Adventures of Cookie & Cream vibe to it, which is definitely a good thing.

To enter to win your copy, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. Be sure to specify which platform you’d like. And I think I fixed the music thing, so give me a song you like and why! I always do it to you, so it’s only fair to listen to what you folks like.

We have five keys each for PS4 NA, PS4 EU, and Steam; winners will be drawn Monday, April 27.

Biped is available now for PS4 and PC.

Contest: Win a copy of co-op puzzler Biped for PS4 or Steam

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