Contest: Win a chance to play Assault Heroes 2 with the game’s developers!

In case you missed the memo, Assault Heroes 2 — the sequel to Wanako Studios’ excellent 2006 overhead shooter — is available on Xbox LIVE Arcade today. If you’re not already hijacking enemy tanks and helicopters, now might be a good time to check on the demo, which is available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. 

The game’s publisher, Sierra Online, has teamed up with Destructoid to offer one of our community members the chance to play Assault Heroes 2 with members of the Wanako Studios team! Winning is easy enough — simply email the answers to the following Assault Heroes-related trivia questions to [email protected]

1. When was the original Assault Heroes released?
2. What is the official name of the 4×4?
3. What do the kamikaze bombers chant?
4. What color car do the kamikaze bombers drive?
5. What Wanako Studios developed 2004 PC title allowed you to shake your digital booty to your very own MP3s?

Submissions containing the correct answers will be tossed into a random drawing, and one person will be chosen to play with the developers later this month! The contest runs through May 21, and only submissions sent to [email protected] will be considered!

You can find more information on the game at! Good luck!

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