Contest: Win a brand new Switch console, courtesy of Bookbound Brigade

No, you don’t have to read a book…but you should

We’re giving away a Switch and copies of Bookbound Brigade in today’s contest!

Hear ye, hear ye — we’ve got a brand new Switch console to giveth awayeth!

Ok, yep, that’s it. That’s the news. Bookbound Brigade launched today, and the devs want you to play it. So badly, in fact, that they’re giving away a Switch so you can check it out! So put on your reading glasses, and snuggle up next to a good book. Or your new Switch. Whichever.

So, this one is gleefully silly. History, literature, and all the other subjects we slept through in high school (while dreaming about video games) are at threat! It’s up to iconic historical and literary figures to save the written word! Join King Arthur, Dracula, Robin Hood, Dorothy Gale, Sun Wukong, Queen Victoria, Cassandra, and Nikola Tesla in this loony metroidvania. Our heroes move together — since there’s safety in numbers — and use their unique specials abilities to help the group travel through literary time to save it, and themselves, from erasure.

I call dibs on Dracula, by the way. All-time dibs.

Remember how I said they were giving away a Switch? Well, they are, complete with a custom Bookbound Brigade skin! Use the widget below to enter. We’ve also got digital keys for the game on Switch and Steam for runners-up, so be sure to specify which platform you’d like should you win that.

We have one Switch console to give away, as well as five Switch NA and five Steam keys of the game. You must have a United States shipping address in order to receive the grand prize. Winners will be drawn Thursday, February 6.

Bookbound Brigade is available now for SwitchPC, and PS4.

Contest: Win a brand new Switch console, courtesy of Bookbound Brigade

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