Contest: Take out the Seven Deadly Sins with a Switch copy of Sin Slayers

Uh, doesn’t that technically count as Wrath?

In today’s contest, we’re giving away Switch copies of RPG title Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition!

Everyone knows that RPGs are classic time-wasters. They’re chock full of battles, exploration, endless dialog, and incessant grinding. Point being, they’re the perfect genre for when you’re stuck indoors.

We’ve got a turn-based RPG up for grabs today! All you Switch owners will be happy to have Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition in your life for these trying, boring times. So, win a copy and get to work taking out those pesky sins!

Much like our current real world, the dark fantasy world of Sin Slayers has been overwrought with the most vile of negative energies: Sin. It’s up to you and your ragtag group of adventurers to track down each of the Seven Deadly Sins in their arenas and kill the Sin Lord representing each trespass. Turn-based battles, exploration, quests, weapon crafting, and all genre staples are on display here as you try to rid the world of evil. Here are some game features!

  • Randomly generated locations provide great replayability. Player will encounter new secrets, events and monsters with each playthrough. 
  • Roguelite with Dungeon Crawler elements.
  • Classic turn-based JRPG combat system.
  • 12 heroes, each with their unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Sinfulness system changes the difficulty of the game, depending on player decisions.

If you’re a butthole, the game gets harder and locks you out of upgrades. I think this should be in every game.

To enter to win a copy, comment below telling us which sin is deadliest. I vote for Sloth because sloths have three toe things, and they’re weird. They’re really slow and awkward, so if you’re ever in a pinch and hanging out with a sloth, chances are that dope is gonna get you killed. That’s deadly, right there.

We have five Switch NA copies to give away; winners will be drawn Friday, April 3. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New to the site? Sign up here to talk shop about your horrible sins!

Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition is available now on the Switch eShop. Hit up Nintendo Enthusiast for more chances to win a key!

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