Contest reminder: Top Spin 3 contest ends Friday night!

Hello, Dtoiders — your sports editor has finally returned from his vacation to the land of brown people and brown food, and he’s quite sad. Assuming you’re compassionate, you might ask, “Why is that, Samit?” Well, I came home from India to find that (A) Joba Chamberlain may have something more than just a “stiff” right shoulder, and (B) there weren’t very many entries in my inbox for the Top Spin 3-related contest that we’re currently running.

Come on, people! In case you need some convincing that the contest is worth entering, check out my Destructoid review of Top Spin 3, which you can win if you throw your hat — er, photo — into the ring. To refresh your memories, here’s what else is being offered:

Grand Prize (1 Winner):

  • Top Spin 3 track jacket
  • Top Spin 3 game (system of your choice)
  • 2K Sports library of games (MLB 2K8, NBA 2K8, Don King Presents: Prizefighter — system of your choice)

Runners-Up (2 Winners):

  • Top Spin 3 game (system of your choice)

Remember, kids: all you have to do is take a funny picture of you at a tennis court, attempting to hit a tennis ball with a sports implement that isn’t a tennis racket. Give it a shot (pun intended)! The contest deadline is 11:59 PM EDT on Friday, August 8. Send all entries — only one per person, please — to samit.sarkar+contest @ (yes, that’s a plus sign) with the subject line “Balls deep for Top Spin 3.” Sadly, you can only enter if you live in the US.

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