Contest: No tricks, all treats, in this Halloween-themed treat from Japan Candy Box

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Today’s contest is a sweet relief from the norm — win a Halloween-themed package from Japan Candy Box!

I don’t think I’ve ever given away food before! There was that one time I gave away plush ding dongs, but I don’t think that’s the same as the snack cake.

Well, today I’m changing all of that. I know y’all like weird stuff from Japan, so how’s about some of their exotic sweets? Japan Candy Box was all like, yo, want some candy and I was all like, yeah, and they were all like, well get in this van. So I did, and they gave me lots of candy! Too much. I’ve got extra. So I’m giving the rest to you. I’m saving you a trip to the van by giving away a Halloween box from Japan Candy Box!

Japan Candy Box Halloween Contest

Y’all should know how this works by now. This is a mystery box service where you get cool nerdy stuff every month! They do themed ones, for sure, but yo it’s Halloween. That means it’s the best time of year for candy, and the best time of year for themed treats. Suck it, Easter. Japan Candy Box collects all of the tastiest, most colorful, weirdest stuff from Japan and sends it to your doorstep so you can experience all the cool stuff from the Land of the Rising Sun. Like green tea and matcha and stuff like that.

Look, I’m not creative, that’s all I got. Just deal with it. It’s candy, and everyone likes candy. Couldn’t be easier.

We’re giving away one Halloween-themed Japan Candy Box so you can get into the holiday spirit. To enter, use the widget below. There are a bunch of different ways to enter, so just click around and you’ll find something that suits you. Or do them all for more entries. That’s kinda like cheating, but legally.

We’ve got one prize to split between Dtoid and our sister site, Japanator. Winner will be drawn October 21. There are no shipping restrictions since JCB is sending out the prize, so international entries are welcome! Just if you have any food allergies or whatever look into what you’re eating, yeah?

Japan Candy Box has multiple subscription models if you’re interested in checking them out, so head over to their website to see what they’ve got to offer!

Destructoid Japan Candy Box Giveaway

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