Contest – Mommy’s Best Action Pack!

7 chances to win crazy awesomeness!

Almost seven years ago, Mommy’s Best Games unleashed Weapon of Choice upon the world. Soon it was followed by Shoot 1up, Explosionade, and Game Type. Xbox Live indies were never the same. Now on Steam, Mommy’s Best Games have unleashed all these awesome titles in the Mommy’s Best Action Pack. For $7.99 you can own 4 of the most unique (and imo, fun) action titles in recent memory. All the games come with new Steam enhancements as well. New achievements, trading cards, leaderboards, retuning, remappable controls and more! Want to see them in motion? Check out this YouTube highlight reel. Want to read a cool interview with Mommy’s Best Games creator Nathan Fouts? Click here. Want to have a chance to win a pack? Well, keep reading bucko!

To win a copy of the bundle, fire up ye old MSPaint and draw us the craziest enemy or gun you can think of. Keep it SFW, but otherwise go nuts! Contest ends 10/5/15 @ 11:59 PST

Good luck and remember: Huge members (heh, heh) have double the chance at winning.

Disclosure: Mike Martin is a huge Mommy’s Best Games fanboy. Also, a sea turtle in a dress.

Mike Martin