Contest: Live out your dream of being a space janitor in Willy Jetman

Switch, PS4, and Steam keys available

Today’s contest features spacey metroidvania Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge for PS4, Switch, and Steam!

Who doesn’t like a good metroidvania game? They’re everywhere these days — and for good reason! There’s something about going back to previous areas with new equipment to reach far-off points on a map that’s really satisfying, yeah? It’s weird.

Today, we’re introducing you to Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge, a light-hearted metroidvania set in space! With a janitor! Come win a copy!

Willy has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and blasting his way into space. The problem is, he’s kind of a dolt. And not in the good way. He thought he’d never fulfill his dreams, until one day he saw an ad in the paper calling for a janitor. But not just any janitor — a space janitor! Join Willy as he cleans up the wreckage and fends off weird space creatures in space, where he’s always wanted to be.

  • A whole world to explore. Below the surface of Gravos there is a complex system of caves and grottos, full of traps and lava rivers. It is even rumored that the planet hide the vestiges of an ancient civilization.
  • Space recycling. Collect the remains of the AC-137 cargo ship and transport them to the recycling points scattered around the planet. Sustainability is money!
  • Exotic and aggressive fauna. Flying fish, stone giants, giant wasps, dragons, and the most spectacular and gritty bosses are waiting to finish you off.
  • Armed and ready for action. Collect Crush’N Go! coupons to add new weapons to your arsenal and power them up with the Gravitonium you can collect inside the caves. Flamethrower, machine gun, ray gun, grenades…each weapon is perfect for neutralizing each kind of enemy.
  • Talk to the locals. Gain their trust and you can visit the Gravonite Village. The customers of the O Lá! Lá! Tavern will give you valuable clues and don’t forget to visit the public toilets, because it is rumoured that they hide more than they appear at first sight.
  • On the hunt for the golden trophy. There are 20 statuettes hidden all over Gravos. Find them and visit the Gravonite Village’s PeachStore to unlock exclusive upgrades.
  • Shooter action, exploration, RPG elements and lots of humour. An Old School adventure that will test your reflexes as you travel through an alien world full of life and secrets.

Weee, space is fun! Even for janitors!

You know the drill — click around in the widget below to enter. You can enter daily, there are bonus entries, and also this makes my life easier so stop complaining! While you’re waiting, comment below telling us how one qualifies to be a space janitor. I’m truly interested.

We have five Switch NA, PS4 NA, and Steam keys each to give away; winners will be drawn Monday, February 10.

Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge is available now for Switch, PS4, and PC.

Contest: Live out your dream of being a space janitor in Willy Jetman

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