Contest: Konami’s Rhyme Player announced… win it!

Today Konami has announced that it’ll be putting a new musical iPhone/iPod game, Rhyme Player, on the Apple App Store.

Branded as an interactive lyrical experience, the game tapping and swiping the screen to scrolling lyrics. Konami says it “bridges lyrics and beats.” A game is only as good as its songs, though. Rhyme Player comes bundled with five pop hits — “Poison” from Bell Biv DeVoe; “First Time” by Lifehouse; “ABC” by The Jackson 5; “Show Me” from The Cover Girls; and “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga.

Rhyme Player is available for $1.99 on the App Store, but why not try to win it? Because we’re such big fans of Lady Gaga at Destructoid (okay, maybe it’s just me), here’s how you can win a download code: simply post in the comments your favorite (or most outrageous) image of Lady Gaga making a fashion statement.

Tomorrow at 9am Eastern, I’ll pick five of my favorite outfits/images, and send out the codes via Destructoid’s private message service. Good luck!

[Update: Winners have been chosen and directly messaged. Congrats, and remember — never trust a big butt and a smile.]

Konami Reveals Billboard Chart-Topping Artists for Innovative Title Now Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch 
Konami Digital Entertainment today announced the availability of Rhyme Player on the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. Brought to you by the music genre leader, the new interactive title bridges lyrics and beats for music game aficionados, and provides gamers a new way to experience some of today’s most popular songs and artists including: “Just Dance” from Lady Gaga, “First Time” from Lifehouse, “ABC” from the Jackson 5, “Poison” from Bell Biv DeVoe, and “Show me” from The Cover Girls.

In Rhyme Player, players must tap into their inner rhythm master and touch the song lyrics along with the beat. To test their rhythm, gamers can play through two levels, Easy and Normal. In the Easy levels, gamers will have to follow the lyrics as they flow from the bottom of the screen and tap the line in the upper part of their screen along with the beat. In the Normal levels, gamers must tap the lyrics according to the beat of the song. The game additionally offers different gameplay modes, Shuffle and Ensemble, that challenge players with different lyric flow patterns. 

Rhyme Player is now available for $1.99 on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. For more information, please visit

Nick Chester