Contest – Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War bundle!

Win one of 20 codes!

[CONTEST OVER, WINNERS MESSAGED] So there’s this little game out. I believe it’s called Heroes of the Storm, maybe you’ve heard of it? Apparently it is in fact a game, and it’s free to play! Now there are characters and skins you can buy though, which brings me to the point of this giveaway. The kind folks at Blizzard have bestowed 20 codes, for their new Machines of War bundle! What does said bundle include? I’m glad you asked! Here’s a bullet point breakdown: 

  • New Hero: Alarak
  •  New Skins: Herald of N’Zoth Alarak, Raider Rexxar, Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan,  Butcherlisk
  • New Mounts: Ghost Speeder, Obsidian Cyber Wolf
  • Heroes also included: Kerrigan, The Butcher, Rexxar

Pretty damn sweet bundle. So… What do you have to do to win? Paint for me. MSPaint for me to be exact. I want silly renderings of Heroes characters. Nothing dirty (keep it SFW), but have some fun and impress me.  Contest ends Sept. 30th @ 11:59pm PST. So get to work!

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