Contest: Feel the love with a February treat from Japan Candy Box

Love is in the air. And also this box.

Feel the love in today’s contest, featuring a yummy treat from Japan Candy Box!

Big, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate with indeterminate flavors and compositions is the worst. Are you biting into something delicious, like a peanut butter center? Or is it that horrible nougat that tastes like packing peanuts and has the airy consistency of a very tangible fart? It’s just not worth the risk.

Japan Candy Box is all like, nah, yo. Have some strange — but nonetheless delightful — candy from the Land of the Rising Sun, instead! They’ve given us a February candy box to dole out to one lucky winner, so enter our contest and get to savorin’ the flavorin’!

Japan Candy Box contest February Valentine

Japan Candy Box is a premium service that sends you treats, goodies, snack, and oddities from Japan — each month featuring a different motif and different contents to give you a taste of Japan! Featuring brands like Pocky, Puccho, Meiji, and Collon, you’re bound to receive something tasty you’ve never seen before.

I’m seriously hoping you guys get Cough Drop flavored Kit Kat. It’s real, and it’s baffling. Thanks, Japan!

Use the widget below to enter to win a candy box of your own. There are plenty of ways to earn entries, so just click around in there and do what you want to qualify!

We have one candy box to give away. And guess what?! It’ll ship internationally! So everyone and anyone can enter. Just make sure you take responsibility and look at the ingredients of what you receive, lest you trigger some sort of food allergy. Be smart, y’all.

Japan Candy Box has multiple subscription models if you’re interested in checking them out, so head over to their website to see what they’ve got to offer!

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