Contest: Be good at NFS: Hot Pursuit, win an EA game

[Update: The event for the competition has been chosen — it’s the racer event named “First Offence” which can be found in Eagle Crest on the career map. This is an early in-game event and has been chosen so that all who enter will have near-immediate access to event!

This post will be updated daily with top five scores so you can see where you stand. Good luck!]

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has hit shelves, and if you like arcade-style racing and you read a word I wrote about it, you’ve probably already purchased it.

Think you’re any good? Well, you can win your choice of any Electronic Arts title, released or to be released, if you’ve got an Xbox 360 and have what it takes to blow away the competition. Here’s how…

  • Simply add the gamertag “PrudentRelic75” to your Xbox 360 friends list. The first 100 folks who send requests will be added, thanks to Microsoft’s friend cap. (Can we get that changed, please? Thanks.)
  • Next… start playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit! In the coming days, we’ll send you a message via Xbox Live telling you which event we’ll be playing, so keep an eye out. 
  • On Monday, at 10:00 AM Eastern we’ll check the Autlog and leaderboards for the specified event. The top five players will win a game of their choice from the Electronic Arts library.

A few housekeeping rules:

  • This is for folks in the US only.
  • Please don’t add us if you don’t have Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. While we’ll be monitoring the leaderboards throughout the week (and even give updates on, we can’t monitor all of your activity. If you don’t have the game or don’t intend to compete, please be considerate of others — we only have 100 spots!
  • Winners can choose an Electronic Arts game for any platform, and the game must have been released or announced. Please don’t request Mass Effect 3 or something, because that will make the EA gods angry. If you request an unreleased and previously announced game, it will be shipped to you when it is released.
  • If you do NOT want us displaying your gamertag on, please note that in the friend request. Otherwise, by adding the contest gamertag you are agreeing to having your tag displayed online.
  • PlayStation 3 players, don’t be mad. While this contest is for 360 owners only, if it’s successful, there’s a chance we can run a similar contest on your platform of choice.

Good luck, and for those who make the cut for contest entry, please bookmark this post for any updates over the next few days.

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