Contest: Be a zombie, win Zombie Apocalypse for XBLA

Last week, Konami released Nihilistic’s Zombie Apocalypse for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. It’s a four-player, arcade-style shoot-em-up where you — get this — shoot up a bunch of zombies. It’s fun, it’s addictive, and it’s gory. What more can you ask for? 

Nihilistic has given us ten extra download codes for the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Zombie Apocalypse, and we want to give them to you! What do we want? We want you to be a zombie, of course! Simply post a picture of yourself in the comments acting like a zombie, and we’ll pick our ten favorites who will win the codes. Easy, right?

You certainly don’t need to dress up either — making zombie faces works, too. Get creative. If you have a picture of yourself dressed up like a zombie from a past Halloween (as in my image above), simply post a picture of yourself out of costume alongside that image so we can verify it’s you. No cheating!

We’ll give you three days to zombie it up — through Friday at 12pm EST —  picking the winners this weekend and announcing them on Monday. 

[Because of the nature of the codes, this contest is open to undead in the United States only. Sorry!] 

Nick Chester