Consuming darkness lurks in this Jumpgate Evolution trailer

Codemasters and NetDevil’s upcoming MMO Jumpgate Evolution is a game that should very much be on your radar if, like me, you’re a fan of twitch-based space combat. It looks like it could provide many an enjoyable session of pew pew pewing, as you blow up players from around the globe.

This latest trailer released during the Leipzig Games Convention shows that everything won’t be all laughs and lollipops in the far reaches of deep space, however, as an evil group of mysterious aliens that pilot red painted ships that shoot red lasers (this is how you can tell that they’re evil) are coming to wipe out all of humanity. This group of red loving aliens is called the Conflux, the villains from the previous game in the series, Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. Apparently they still have a bone to pick.

There are also some new screens and artwork to look at in the gallery as you begin to mentally prepare yourself to combat this red-faced menace when Jumpgate Evolution launches in 2009.

Justin Villasenor