Consortium: The Tower Prophecy gets a gameplay teaser

Everyone’s still named after chess

Now this is a pleasant surprise. Consortium was an absolutely fantastic game that I didn’t think got the attention it deserved. If you were good enough, the entire game could be beaten through dialogue and learning more about the other characters.

With a well written and acted story, and some really nice ways of keeping a small spaceship interesting, I liked almost everything about Consortium. Unfortunately, it presented itself as the first part of a trilogy, and didn’t seem all that successful on launch. I really wasn’t expecting a second part.

Well consider me proven wrong, as Consortium: The Tower Prophecy is on its way. The trailer they’ve released shows a much, much bigger area than the spaceship we explored in part one, but with the same characters we got to know before. The apparent focus on combat is slightly worrying, but I’ll hold judgement on that until we see more of the game.

Developer Interdimensional Games Inc. spoke about what we should be expecting out of The Tower Prophecy:

Building on the strengths of CONSORTIUM, The Tower Prophecy uses all of the core mechanics, interface systems, gear and dynamic fourth wall shattering concepts for an all new scope: The Churchill Tower, a massive, futuristic skyscraper in the heart of London, England.

What should have been a straightforward mission to rescue civilian hostages from terrorists turns into a global debacle involving a deeply rooted conspiracy where Bishop Six will be forced to question his allegiances and the morality of meddling across the bounds of existence.

They also mentioned the ability to talk your way through the entire game will still be present:

In The Tower Prophecy players will explore the futuristic Churchill Tower in the heart of Central London, where they will be able to seamlessly fight, explore, sneak or talk their way through the entire experience, or any combination thereof.

Yeah, I’m excited. Consortium: The Tower Prophecy will run a crowdfunding campaign later this year.

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