ConsoleTuner’s Titan One adapter lets you plug your 360 controller into a PS3

Or vice versa, if you’re crazy

Incoming bias! Prior to the DualShock 4, I’ve never been a fan of Sony’s controllers. My thumbs always bumped against each other when I circle-strafed, my fingers slipped off the convex triggers and thumbsticks, etc. We just never saw eye-to-eye. So when a device like ConsoleTuner’s Titan One came across my imaginary desk (because I actually just have my computer sitting on a cardboard box), I was intrigued.

I’ve been playing around with the Titan One a bit lately, and in my testing (the aforementioned 360 controller plugged into the PS3) it works exactly as advertised; just plug, and play. And this works for any combo you can dream up on any of the supported devices: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4. (So you could also, say, plug a DS4 into your Xbox One. Or an Xbox 360 controller into a PS4. Etc.) And for those who want more out of the device, there are a bevy of new features that have just been added:

  • Visual Programming Interface: Create custom mods and features for your controllers using a visual interface. Drag and drop blocks on to a blank canvas, to create modifications without the need for code.
  • Partial PS4 CrossOver Support: You can now connect your controller directly to the Titan One and your console.
  • Tournament Edition Firmware: Use your favorite controller in many local tournaments. This firmware disables all the available cheats (Macros, GamePacks, Scripts, etc.) and only allows for crossover controller support and button remapping.

For the full rundown of the new features, including more info about the mod-ability options, click here. And to enter to win a Titan One for yourself (oh, and a PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle to go along with it!), click here!

M Randy