Congrats, Amnesia buyers: You saved Frictional Games

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is, hands-down, the scariest, best horror game in years. Thankfully enough, many of you – approximately 200,000 of you over four months – were interested enough to buy into it. Turns out your moneys saved Frictional Games from the brink of ruin. Congratulations!

In a post over at their blog, the small Swedish Indie That Could spilled the details of rescue, noting that the sales – over double their greatest dream estimates, have put them back on stable ground, and that a lot of the money they made could not have come had they had the kinds of financial obligations that come from being tied to a big publisher.

Of course, they clarified that it wasn’t all champagne-and-cake. A good portion of purchases came at a heavy discount thanks to Steam sales and such, so the net earnings could be different from from the straight math. Great PR from reviews and word-of-mouth helped a lot, too. Check out more details and a big thank you over at their site.

Now Amnesia can make you feel a little pride, as well as all that terror.


Josh Tolentino
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