Confirmed: Weird golden dragonfly sidekick thing in latest Spyro game

Even though I had a PlayStation when I was younger, I still managed to completely miss out on every game involving Spyro the Dragon. I remember thinking that the commercials looked pretty interesting, but I was just way too busy playing RPGs to give them a try. While I may be about ten years late to the party, I’m certainly going to try and rectify the situation when The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon comes out this October.

The co-op interaction with Spyro’s fellow draconic partner Cynder looks pretty interesting, and gives a very Prince/Elika vibe in the execution. Besides Cynder, the new screens released for Leipzig also show several other dragons, a cat person, and some sort of golden dragonfly … thing that will be lending the purple protagonist a hand. I make that bold assumption based on their group shot being labeled ‘Allies.’ Also, Hamza briefly mentions them in his hands-on.

Is Dawn of the Dragon something you’d be interested in checking out this fall or are there just too many other excellent releases that demand your time?

Justin Villasenor