Confirmed: Silver DualShock 3 is like a black DualShock but in silver

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Sony was nice enough to send along one of its new, fancy Satin Silver Dual Shock 3 controllers to the Destructoid Baltimore offices to check out. It arrived today, and after prying the peripheral from its thick plastic, dangerous-to-open retail chamber of death, our findings aren’t surprising. It’s exactly like the black DualShock 3 controller. But it’s silver.

Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you prefer the color silver over the color black. Admittedly, this thing does look pretty sexy in Satin Silver. Provided you’re not playing games in a cave, you can see it almost sparkle in the light. The feel of the controller is also slightly different in your hands, as the finish gives it a grittier-to-the-touch quality.

The buttons feel as they should, the main difference between this new Satin Silver DualShock 3 and our other controllers is that the “X” button isn’t stuck from that one time we spilled a box of wine all over our controllers. Yeah, I said it — a box of wine. 

You should also note that brand new controllers, like most fresh electronics, have that smell. A bit like chemicals. And paints. We sniffed it, hoping it would keep our afternoon “interesting,” but instead it gave us a headache. That’s our fault, not the controllers. 

Bottom line is that this thing is available now for $54.99, and it’s silver, whereas your other controllers are probably black. If you need a new controller for your PS3, now you have options, and we’d say this is a pretty good one. They’re available now.

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