Confirmed: Resonance of Fate PS3 t-shirts beat Xbox 360’s

[As posted on Japanator]

Rejoice, PS3 owners, for now you know which version of Resonance of Fate to buy, namely the PS3 version.

Why, you ask? Tri-Ace has seen fit to provide players with some console-specific content in the form of exclusive shirts that can be worn by Reanbell (aka Leanne). That’s an important point, since the game is so awesome that the game’s cutscenes reflect the cast’s current outfits! It’s such an awesome feature that they managed to rope in some real-life fashion luminaries to design clothing for the game. The pretty young gunslinger can display her choice of platform all throughout the game.

And which choice of platform fashion is the best? The PS3 one, of course. Why? The PS3 t-shirt packs a spiffy design featuring Toro and Kuro, Sony’s adorable cat mascots. This will surely set alight the heart of Topher Cantler, who is the errant felines’ most ardent follower.

As for the 360 version, the design is merely based on the outfit worn by Microsoft’s booth babes at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show. Pssshaaaww!

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