Confirmed: Need for Speed: Nitro has a yellow bus

Wii-exclusive Need for Speed: Nitro is happening and coming in November courtesy of developer EA Montreal, the same studio behind Army of Two: the 40th Day, and Slightly Mad Studios. As with most NFS titles, Nitro is a racing game. But there’s one fat caveat: it’s intended for the mystical “casual” audience. You know, the group of grandmothers who, apparently, decide to buy car videogames on a whim while doing a late night Wal-Mart yarn run.

Assuming the casual label sticks, it’s probably a racing game that doesn’t focus on the racing all that much, or at least, the mechanics won’t be too hard to wrap the brain around.

Some new screens for the title surfaced this afternoon. While Nitro may not be Shift, it will certainly have a car-editing component. Look at that yellow bus, guys! That dude who made that is so crazy. What a card.

Brad BradNicholson