Confirmed: Guitar Hero 5 features features

Activision has just release a new trailer for Guitar Hero 5, this one spotlighting some of the game’s new features.

So what are they? Well, to start, there’s the “GH Jam” feature which appears to be a new mode along the lines of the GH Studio from World Tour. The video also shows off the much-talked-about drop-in and drop-out feature, that will you jump into any song on any instrument on the fly. You can even switch from one instrument to another in the middle of the song. Bored with drums? Press a button and hop over to the guitar!

Not mentioned in the video — but you can clearly see it — is the game’s graphic overhaul. It looks, to be quite honest, a million times better than Guitar Hero World Tour

Oh, and the game will feature Blink-182’s “Rock Show.” That’s a new feature. 

Check it out after the jump.

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