Confirmed: Gears of War 3’s Clayton Carmine is a badass

Earlier today we learned that Epic Games is offering players the chance to kill or spare Gears of War 3‘s addition to the growing (and terminal) Carmine family. Judging from these new images, in which Clayton is shown off to be some sort of incredible asskicker, I have a feeling fans will not be wanting him to die any time soon. 

One can’t blame Clayton for creating that huge pile of dead Locust, really. Considering what the horde have done to the rest of his family, it’s hardly surprised he’s written “Grub Killer” on his chestplate and likes to mow down as many Locust as he can with his giant tommygun. 

Speaking as a big fan of previous Carmines, this one looks incredible. I might have to toss my vote into the “Save him” pile!

Jim Sterling