Conduit gets zero local multiplayer, Nintendo cockblocks LAN support

For a system that is known more about “family” bollocks and not for its online support, you could be forgiven for assuming without confirmation that local multiplayer would be a given in any Wii game. Sadly, however, High Voltage’s The Conduit will lack local multiplayer, although the possibility is there for a sequel.

There were conflicting reports on the issue, but creative officer Eric Nofsinger has cleared up the confusion with less-than-stellar news. He strongly hinted at split-screen appearing in the sequel, but people who have real-life friends will have to look elsewhere when it comes to The Conduit‘s June release.

According to the developer, Hight Voltage had strongly considered LAN support, but Nintendo was against it. Probably just because it’s Nintendo. 

In other High Voltage news, Animals de la Muerte has been delayed. Apparently, this game about dead animals could not stick to WiiWare’s size limitations and may see a future on retail disc. Right now it’s on hold, but it’s not dead yet.

Jim Sterling