Conduit 2 limited edition exclusive to GameStop

Conduit 2 was set to release this year, but pushing it into 2011 has given publisher Sega enough time to put together a fancy limited edition version of the game.

Exclusive to GameStop, the Conduit 2 Limited Edition will come with a 44-page “The Art of the Game” book, along with two unlockable items: a new armor skin and an improved All Seeing Eye searching tool. The ASE device can find hidden secrets twice as fast as the stock apparatus, and the “Gold Destroyer Armor” skin can be used in multiplayer.

Conduit 2 is out February 2011. Below, check out our video interview with the game’s developer, High Voltage Software. It’s quite possibly the weirdest thing we’ve ever run on the site, and that’s saying a lot.

Nick Chester