Condemned 2 trailer reveals the most terrifying creature yet: the exploding baby

The sequel to the Xbox 360’s most underrated launch title, Condemned: Criminal Origins, will be upon is in a little more than a month. There hasn’t been a whole lot of media for the game up to this point, but GameSpot recently got a trailer for Condemned 2: Bloodshot that you’ll want to watch.

For those of you who played Condemned, the first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly different the game’s protagonist Ethan Thomas looks and speaks. Other than that, there doesn’t appear to be too many departures from the original game. The melee combat, crime scene investigations, and angry hobos we’ve come to love are in no short supply.

While Condemned wasn’t necessarily a scary game, the ambient sound combined with the fact that random mutant-like freaks could jump out at you from the most inconvenient hiding places provided for a truly awesome atmosphere.

Here’s hoping that Bloodshot will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps in that regard. Also, while I’m definitely not complaining, what’s with the exploding babies?

[Thanks, godkow and Gorelord

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