Concerto Gate closed public beta kicks off later today

The last time we talked about the Square Enix PC MMO Concerto Gate, we were still waiting on information for the upcoming public beta. This morning they’ve finally sent that info along for us.

The North American closed public beta kicks off some time later today. is publishing this sequel to the 2001 Japanese MMORPG Cross Gate, and those lucky enough to get in will get a chance to play it, from today through July 14th.

What’s this “lucky” I speak of? Well, there’s only 5,000 beta keys. They’re not available yet, but I’d keep an eye on today if you want one. You’ll need to go to GamesCampus and plug that key back in to get started. 

“It is our pleasure to introduce Concerto Gate to American audiences through  We hope now that even more players can experience our game’s revolutionary world and its exciting, new features such as ‘Terra Generating’,” says Mr. Noriaki Watanabe, producer of Concerto Gate at Square Enix Co., Ltd.

For now, I’ve got nothing but a few new screenshots they’ve sent with this release. They also sent a trailer, but it’s that same really pretty one we showed you earlier. I suppose you’ll just have to wait around until the keys are available. Good luck!

Dale North