Concept image of Gotham City Impostors clarifies a bit

So, that Gotham City Impostors game which was announced yesterday sounds a bit strange. This bit of concept art helps to solidify that first impression a bit. I love the idea of these little armies of misfits — that probably neither Batman nor Joker would want to be associated with — wreaking havoc in the streets of Gotham.

And we all make Batman costumes out of stuff lying around the house. That’s just part of being a healthy twenty-something, right? So the character customization options suggested by this image should be instantly recognizable and beloved by all. 

It just bums me out that it’s a first-person shooter. I would think that, what with the focus on character customization, a third-person shooter would be fun. If I’m going to spend a bunch of time tricking out a character, I want to be able to look at it. Something in the vein of a Monday Night Combat, could have been brilliant. Still, I’m eager to know more and I’m hopeful that it winds up being as much fun as the concept sounds.

Conrad Zimmerman