Conan the Barbarian will service you … and gladly

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Winning the prize for “best bit of dialog I’ve heard all weekend” is Conan the Barbarian. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you watch the above video. Aside from hilariously bad cutscenes, it looks like Conan is going to be a smash hit for fans of the old ultra-violence. There’s so much blood caking the floors of this game that a haemophiliac would be sucking the floor most desperately in a bid to replace its own frail hemoglobin — and I approve.

While not really acquainted with the original Conan stories outside of how many times they were ripped off by Masters of the Universe, I must say that this new gameplay trailer has caught my eye much more than before. I’ll be making sure to put this on my list of things to keep tabs on from now on, rest assured. Aye, I shall service Conan the Barbarian … and gladly.

[Thanks to TheGoldenDonut]

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