Conan O’Brien does VR

Oil up

At a recent visit to the YouTube Space in New York, funnyman Conan O’Brien demoed virtual reality games like Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, and The Thrill of the Fight. The results are, well, just look at that image! I certainly laughed. If you like Conan’s sense of humor in general but are growing a little tired of those Clueless Gamer segments, this isn’t one. It’s more akin to his usual on-location bits.

While there’s no way to perfectly capture what VR is like in-person without wearing a headset yourself, all things considered, this is a particularly good showcase for the technology. Conan is composited in such a way that we can see him inside these virtual spaces rather than watch him mess around from his own in-game first-person perspective. That makes for a much more entertaining watch.

He’s got some, uh, interesting ideas for a futuristic sexcube.

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